Plus Size Costume Ideas

The Belly Dancer plus size costume with headpiece with attached sheer veilCreative Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas for Men and Women

Even though the plus size fashion industry has pulled back, this year promises to be a bigger and better selection of plus size costume ideas for the “supersized women”.

Sexy, funny, gangster retro, they all come in a size to fit the maximum man or women. So if you need a little extra room in a costume to get cranking on Halloween you have a huge selection of ideas to choose from.


Check out this “Rock N Roll Belly Dancer” Video

This is a creative costume for Halloween. You can either buy this one online or make it yourself. All you need to to make this outfit work is a hip scarf, coin belt, belly dancing skirt, top, veil and you can be an authentic Egyptian belly dancer on Halloween. Just add some inexpensive jewelries to accent your outfit.

Amazingly, sacred belly dancing is the oldest form of women’s dance known and was performed to entertain rich men! One of the most famous moves in belly dance is the shimmering vibration of the hips. Maybe you will find a rich man on Halloween to shimmy up to.

Do It Yourself Octomom with babiesDo It Your Self Octomom
Guess who? Nadya Suleman, the single mother of 14 children. Since giving birth to the eight children in January 2009, and slowly bringing them back from the hospital over the course of a few months she is still making news today. Mostly for Welfare Fraud!

So for a few hours of your life you can be an unmarried “sort -of-porn-star” mother of 14 artificially inseminated babies living on taxpayer dollars from the State of California.

This is an easy costume for a plus size women to outfit. Get a Black Octomom Lady Wig, some big red lips or just use red lipstick excessively, add 8 cheap plastic babies from Toys R Us in a baby bag sling and your done. I think she smokes too..?  This is a very creative and inexpensive costume; you can wear your own jeans, funky shoes and a sleeveless top.

 Little Red Riding Hood Plus Size Costume PictureLittle Red Riding Hood Plus Size Costume
“Little Red Riding Hood” is a famous fairy tale about a young girl’s encounter with a big bad wolf who after he has eaten the grandmother targets her as his next meal. Brave Halloween night in this costume and the wolf probably want be the victor of the encounter. Remember the 1966 hit song “Lil’ Red Riding Hood” by Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs takes the Wolf’s point of view, implying that he wants love rather than blood. There is a chance of a happy ending but be careful and don’t talk to strangers on Halloween.

Sexy Gangster Style (Ally Capone) Costume for WomenSexy Gangster Plus Size Costume with fedora hat and bowtie collar
You’ll be dressed like America’s best known gangster in this sexy gangster style costume.  Al Capone was the single greatest symbol of the collapse of law and order in the United States during the 1920s Prohibition era. You will garner instant recognition and respect  in this plus size costume which includes a fitted pinstriped jacket with cuffs, a black slitted skirt, a bow tie collar and a fedora style hat.

Dragon Geisha Plus Size Costume with Hair chopsticks and coordinating lace fanAdult Plus Size Geisha Costume
In Japanese, geisha means “person of the arts,” or a person skilled in traditional arts such as music, dance, singing and tea ceremony.

Most geisha lived in a house called an okiya, owned by a woman who was usually a former geisha herself. A popular view of the geisha is that they were prostitutes. Some prostitutes posed as geisha in order to attract men, but a true geisha rarely engaged in sexual relations with her customers. In fact, geisha were, first and foremost, entertainers.


Fine Vampire Costume for Women
Sexy Fang Bangin Vampire Plus Size Costume with choker, cape and naughty stretch dressWhooo… Hot!  Want to know how to be a fine Vampire? In this fine plus size Fang Bangin Vampire costume. I guarantee heads will turn! Dress up your best man in a Vampire costume too and you can party as a couple.

This is a well-made costume for struttin your stuff while the boys are checking you out. Girls will probably look too!

The Fang Bangin Vampire costume features a sexy choker with a silver ring and an incredible naughty black stretch knit dress.


Fortune Teller Plus Size Costume PictureFortune Teller Plus Size Costume
What do the cards have in store for your future? The fates deem it so: The prediction is that you will live a charmed existence with the Elite Fortune Teller costume! The peasant-style dress features an off-the-shoulder top with delicate lace trim along the cuffs and collar, attached layered scarves on the skirt for an authentic bohemian appearance, and a wide belt to tie the whole look together. A bandana patterned headpiece is also included to complete this magical design.


Dog The Bounty Hunter Plus Size CostumeDog the Bounty Hunter Costume for Men
This will still be popular costume for 2013. You will be instantly recognized as the country’s toughest bounty hunter; Duane Chapman. Everyone loves to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter hot on a thugs tail. You can pretend your the ex-felon turned muscle-shirted, leather-pants-wearing, born-again Christian bounty hunter. From 18 to 80 blind crippled or crazy if they can’t walk or crawl he’ll Drag Em Back.

Arrest some “Foxy Mama” on Halloween night while sporting a black vinyl vest, long blonde wig, glasses, badge with chain, fingerless gloves & a knife with strap.

Plus Size Super Man Costume

Muscle Chest Superman Plus Size Costume
You can be the “Man of Steel” on Halloween night and become the peoples most recognized savior.  You might even get rewarded by Lois Lane.

You will make Clark Kent proud! You’ll be ready if called into action in this muscle man costume on Halloween night. Just don’t leap from anything taller than a table.

This is a well crafted tribute to Superman and includes a muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops & Superman insignia, headpiece, cape & belt.

The Psycho Clown Plus Size Costume
Psycho Clown Plus Size costume
Theirs nothing that portrays horror like spending Halloween with a psycho. Even wacko clowns come out for a night of trick or treat. You’ll need multiple personalities to pull this act off and psychopaths have great social skills, are charming, funny and exciting.  If you can exude all of these personality traits in a few hours on Halloween then this costume is for you.

The psychopath’s secret weapon is the ability to seduce his or her prey and gain their pity. If you can do that you can can pretty much get anything  you want on Halloween!

The psycho clown costume is a cool, comfortable costume to wear and includes shirt, pants and hat. The mask is sold separately but really all you need is a little make up to make this costume complete.

More Plus Size Funny Costume Ideas for Women and Men