White Trash Costume Ideas with Clothing Around the House

White Trash Costume Ideas – Greasy Unshaven and Short-Shorts

Trailer park trash, white trash, trailer trash, scooter trash and redneck are terms used interchangeable all the time to describe white people perceived to be poor, stupid and lazy.

If you intend to join this popular group of people with bad personal habits on Halloween night here are some easy white trash costume ideas you can put together at the last minute. Most probably you can do this with clothing you have around the house and you can even make this a couples costume.

White Trash Man

White Trash Mullet WigA white trash man needs a name like Gregg, Cody, Darell or Cooter. Basically the guy should look greasy with un-styled long or short hair. You definitely want to have the unshaven look if you can and  maybe roll-up a pack of cigarettes in the arm of a tight torn up oil stained band t-shirt; country or classic hard rock preferred.

If you cannot grow facial hair, then go out and buy a stipple sponge and apply some black makeup with the sponge. The sponge allows you to overlap the makeup with out creating lines.

Tattoos are a must!  Paste on some bad tattoos on your hand, arm neck or inscribe an inmate number on the forearm. Put on a pair of tight torn up grease stained jeans and an old pair of work or cowboy boots.

Top this costumeBilly Bob Teeth off with a ratty old dew rag, cowboy hat or straw hat  and clutch a bottle of Jack Daniels, or a can of beer (Pabst Blue Ribbon or Budweiser).  Hey… don’t forget the Billy Bob teeth!

Here is a video of a White Trash Bash. Its has some real goods ideas for a white trash outfit.


White Trash Chic

Picture of a White Trash Woman CostumeA white trash chick needs a name like Crystal,
Amber, Sunshine, or Destiny.  One idea for an outfit is a  white denim mini skirt coupled with a brightly colored tube or halter top that is a little small for the upper body and reveals a bit too much skin.

Cheap costume jewelry is definitely in order. For the ultimate in scooter trash add a pair of big hoop earrings and tease up the hair with bangs. You can get inexpensive white trash wigs online everywhere.

Exaggerate the makeup with fake eyelashes and real long fake nails in a tacky color like Fuchsia or Pop Tart.  Pimp up the look with Platform shoes or clogs from the 70′s .  As Gretchen Wilson says in her song that made her popular “Redneck Women”, add a baby on your hip from your local toy store. You can smoke but you need long thin cigarettes and a can of beer. Some full sleeve tattoos would add to the trashy look.

Young White Trash Woman with funky wigThe girl could also wear a small sleeveless flannel shirt tied at the bottom that exposes a little to much of the stomach.  Daisy duke jean shorts and flip flops would compliment the top well.

The right accessories will make an effective white trash costume – Billy-Bob teeth, a trucker hat, stained or holy clothing, fake cigarettes or beer, heavy makeup, curlers in hair, Daisy Duke short shorts, tube top etc. Basically the costume should project no style, no taste and  no social skills.